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Very few law firms that serve DWI clients bill in quarters. Instead, they often require you to pay a retainer upfront. MacDonald Law, PC, is one of these rare firms, which makes our services easier to fit into your budget.

Furthermore, each DWI attorney on our team has a background in law enforcement, giving us in-depth knowledge of criminal law and the ability to see both sides of this practice area. In this sense, Attorney Corey MacDonald and Associate Attorney Fred Hoysradt possess insight that will help improve the chances of winning your case.

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Practice Areas

Rather than spreading ourselves thin by dabbling in multiple practice areas, the MacDonald Law team consciously chooses to specialize in two key areas:

As a DWI attorney qualified to practice criminal law, we sometimes take cases that involve criminal charges but that relate to family matters. Domestic violence is one example of this scenario. Because our attorneys have a wealth of experience and knowledge in both criminal law and family law, we are uniquely positioned to skillfully argue these cases.

Unique DWI Law Insight

DWI Attorney MacDonald spent years as the Portsmouth city prosecutor. During his tenure, he handled hundreds of cases, from misdemeanors to felonies. MacDonald argued charges ranging from domestic violence to manslaughter as the city prosecutor.

After retiring from an illustrious law enforcement career where he served as a captain and regional SWAT team commander, DWI Associate Attorney Hoysradt joined the MacDonald Law team. His in-depth law enforcement experience makes him uniquely qualified to handle a criminal law caseload.

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With decades of law enforcement experience among its attorneys, MacDonald Law, PC, stands out from other criminal law and family law firms. You can take advantage of the knowledge and resources our team leverages to win your case. Simply call us at (603) 712-5226 today or complete our online contact form.

About Us

MacDonald Law, PC, specializes in two areas of practice: criminal law and family law.

Corey MacDonald

Corey MacDonald is the founder of MacDonald Law, PC, and Black Lion Services, PLLC. His unique blend of courtroom experience and boardroom savvy allows him to provide clients with multi-faceted counseling on highly complex legal issues, and to find solutions that may be outside of the options typically offered by transactional or litigation attorneys. MacDonald began his law practice in 2005 and is admitted to the bars of New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Colorado, and the 1st Circuit Federal District Court. 

Fred Hoysradt

Fred Hoysradt

Associate Attorney

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Meghan Dawson

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