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Corey MacDonald is the founder of MacDonald Law, PC, and Black Lion Services, PLLC. His unique blend of courtroom experience and boardroom savvy allows him to provide clients with multi-faceted counseling on highly complex legal issues, and to find solutions that may be outside of the options typically offered by transactional or litigation attorneys. MacDonald began his law practice in 2005 and is admitted to the bars of New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Colorado, and the 1st Circuit Federal District Court. 

MacDonald Law is a litigation practice focusing on all aspects of family law from divorce to post-divorce disputes involving parenting, custody, and support, in addition to providing representation in select criminal defense matters. His years as the Portsmouth, NH City Prosecutor & Detective handling hundreds of cases from misdemeanors to felonies through the Circuit Court level, together with his extensive experience as a civil litigator have served to provide a solid foundation for his team.

Black Lion Services, PLLC is a business law practice through which MacDonald and his team provide outside general counsel services to business and individual clients across the globe. These clients include high profile clients in sports and entertainment, as well as domestic and international supply chain operators of various industries to include footwear and medical testing. MacDonald serves as outside general counsel to USA Rugby Football Union, LTD, the National Governing Body (NGB) for rugby in the United States, as well as certain NFL players. Entertainment clients include serving as counsel and community coordinator for the Goonies House, LLC, from the famed 1985 classic movie.

Prior to practicing law full-time, MacDonald served for over 18 years in law enforcement, retiring early as the Deputy Chief of Police to run his growing law practice full-time. He attributes his successful career to an understanding of people, a keen ear for detail from years as an investigator, and an aggressive yet respectful approach to negotiation and litigation.


  • New Hampshire
  • Massachusetts
  • Colorado
  • U.S. District Court for the District of New Hampshire



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  • Bethany Leary Recommends Corey F. MacDonald

    Honest, hard-working, individualized solutions to situations no one wants to be in. The team is dedicated to providing you with the best avenue in any circumstance. Corey is the "Tom Brady" of law. Im tremendously impressed in his team, and Corey's past work experience.
  • Jennie M. Cunningham Recommends Corey F. MacDonald

    During a time of absolute personal crisis, I found an island of safety, good advice, understanding and compassion. From everyone at MacDonald Law. Meghan ...Was always happy to hear my voice and totally went above and beyond with everything that she did with and for me, especially when I couldn't...
  • Scott Sanders Recommends Corey F. MacDonald

    Corey and his team are truly first class. Thoughtful and compassionate, I have always felt secure knowing that I had their support and they were advocating vigorously on my behalf. Unequivocal trusted partners in navigating some of life's difficult situations.
  • Brandon Recommends Corey F. MacDonald

    Extremely thankful for Fred, Corey and the MacDonald Law team. They were extremely knowledgeable of the law and were able to get me the best possible outcome for my family given the situation. They were polite and respectful each interaction. Special thanks to Fred for going the extra mile. Highl...
  • Lou G. Recommends Corey F. MacDonald

    I have recently given a number of legal projects to Attorney MacDonald's firm. Each were handled in an extremely professional manner. He researched the law, developed a plan, and presented our case to a State of New Hampshire Commission. He did so in a clear and very articulate manner. He made al...
  • Anonymous Recommends Corey F. MacDonald

    "When you're going through the most challenging experience of your life, and you're highly emotional, it's difficult to make sound decisions on your own. Corey lifted the weight off my shoulders through recommendations and explanations, but still gave me full control over my decisions without fee...

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