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With a combined 36 years of law enforcement, Attorney MacDonald and Attorney Hoysradt bring a unique insider's perspective to the practice of criminal law. Along with our Attorneys, criminal defense Paralegal, Peter Sankowich, has an extensive law enforcement background having served over ten years with both the Exeter Police Department and New Hampshire State Police. As former law enforcement officers having investigated cases from homicide to drunk driving, MacDonald, Hoysradt and Sankowich have the experience, diligence and knowledge to consider all legal theories and possibilities that may apply to your case.

As a former prosecutor, detective and police administrator, Corey MacDonald has been on the forefront of criminal law for 18 years. When it comes to Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) cases, in addition to being recognized as an expert in Circuit Court on the topic of drug and alcohol impairment, Attorney MacDonald has been internationally certified as a Drug Recognition Expert Instructor (DRE) and Field Sobriety Test Instructor. As an instructor in police academies and specialized law enforcement schools, as well as a published speaker on the topics of drug and alcohol impairment, MacDonald was regularly involved in training and coordinating the State's approach to DWI enforcement.  Attorney Hoysradt, who has also been internationally certified as a Drug Recognition Expert Instructor (DRE), was also the regional SWAT team commander for the Seacoast Emergency Response Team (SERT) and collaborated with the Rockingham County Attorney's office to coordinate and oversee all Seacoast DUI Sobriety Check Points and saturation patrols.  As defense attorneys, they can put that expertise to work for you.

Attorney MacDonald and Attorney Hoysradt along with Paralegal, Peter Sankowich are what makes our firm qualified to provide those accused of Driving While Intoxicated related matters (DWI/OUI) and other criminal offenses with the best representation possible. If you have been charged with Driving While Intoxicated related or other criminal offense, MacDonald Law can help.

* If you have been charged with a sex crime, child pornography or an offense against a child please look for representation elsewhere ( as this office does not practice in those areas.

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