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There are many legal considerations to take into account when a couple decides to divorce. A capable divorce attorney at MacDonald Law, PC, can address all the considerations related to your case. Factors you might need to address in your divorce case include:

Grounds to Divorce

Fortunately, the state of New Hampshire is lenient when it comes to seeking legal grounds to divorce. The person who initiates the divorce is not required to do so on grounds like cruelty, abandonment or adultery.

Instead, your divorce attorney can file for divorce based on irreconcilable differences, if that is your preference. Put simply, irreconcilable differences are occurrences that severed the bonds of your marriage beyond the possibility of repair. Regardless of what your individual situation entails, New Hampshire offers options. The person pursuing the marriage dissolution can choose whether to file it as an at-fault or no-fault divorce.

Methods for Resolving Divorce Issues

Going to court is not necessary to decide a divorce, although it is one option available to you. We will walk you through all the options, which include:

  • Negotiations with your spouse's attorneys
  • Litigation in court
  • Collaborative practice
  • Formal mediation
  • An agreement reached by the divorcing spouses without assistance from a third party

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The MacDonald Law team recognizes that going through a divorce often involves strong emotions. You might be dealing with a combination of heartbreak, frustration and fear of the future. Our attorneys handle cases with a careful balance of compassion and skill.

We look out for your financial security and the future of your children, if you have any, while we help you reach a resolution that is fair but that especially works for your needs. Call us at (603) 712-5226 or complete our online contact form to work with a divorce attorney who has your back.

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