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Whether you are the payee or recipient of child support, you should never leave the formal arrangement to chance. Instead, hire a family lawyer with advanced expertise in this practice area. Child support laws can be challenging for the average person to comprehend. Sometimes one party resents any court-ordered payment amount. Retaining an attorney is the best way to minimize strong emotions that could hinder the process.

Defining Child Support in New Hampshire

The definition of child support might seem like a mystery, but it is really quite simple. Child support concerns payments the noncustodial parent makes to the custodial parent. The latter is the parent with whom the child lives the majority of the time. This home is legally considered the primary residence.

Child support cases can turn contentious very quickly without a family lawyer to help keep the process running smoothly. Ultimately, regardless of whether they are the custodial or noncustodial parent, most parents want the best for their child. At the same time, they also want an arrangement that is equitable.

Factors Considered in Setting Payment Amounts

The courts usually make the final determination about the amount of money the noncustodial parent must pay. Certain factors help the court determine an appropriate payment, including:

  • Child custody arrangement
  • Number of children
  • Income of both parents
  • Our negotiations with the other parent's representatives

It is important to note that child support applies whether the parents were married at one time or they were never married. Even if you never married the co-parent of your child, you should obtain the services of a family lawyer.

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