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Elizabeth Henderson is an experienced family law paralegal whose main responsibilities include detailed support to the attorneys and clients, drafting legal documents and research.  With over 10 years of experience in a legal setting, Elizabeth has developed a sense of competence. 
Elizabeth has enjoyed working for MacDonald Law since 2020, where she applies her experience to help families in transition. From complex litigation cases to simple uncontested divorces, she is involved from beginning to end. Elizabeth assists clients by providing regular contact and updates, managing the discovery process, maintaining the case calendar and deadlines. She maintains all document production and client case files, and is integral in preparing for mediations, case evaluations, hearings, and trials.
Elizabeth graduated with a bachelor's degree in paralegal studies, psychology, and communications from Chatham college in 2004.  Before landing a career, she journeyed west, settling in Colorado to enjoy some of her most-loved hobbies in the Rocky Mountains.
In 2013, Elizabeth moved back to her hometown of Pittsburgh, PA to begin her career as a paralegal, starting in a firm well-known for their experience in contentious, high net-worth divorces and custody battles.  
Elizabeth believes that organization, excellence, and integrity are the traits that make a paralegal successful and significant.  


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    Fred, Liz, Meghan, and the team at MacDonald Law are extremely professional, responsive, and caring. They took the time to answer all of my questions and walk with me through the process. Whenever I reached out to the office, they were always timely when responding back. They truly made a very st...

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